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Pretty in Purple at George V
I have never stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel George V, but I have spent quality time in the 5-Star hotel's lobby. If you appreciate floral design, then you should too. Creative Director Jeff Leatham is so incredibly talented and imaginative. I guess I am his biggest fan! The floral displays wow guests the minute they step inside the lobby. The summer bouquets are in the most beautiful shades of purple. While you are there, don't forget to take a peak inside the hotel's courtyard for the spectacular centerpiece. Bravo, George V. The hotel is located at 31, Avenue George V in the 8eme. Metro: George V.
8/7/2013 22:50:09

Thanks for this beautiful update and besides the beautiful people and the culture, Paris also excel in the trend and fashion in managing the homes and street. This sharing in the best example of it and I am glad that you have shared this.

8/13/2013 06:37:32

I have stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel George V on my last trip to France. Paris is such a beautiful and calm place. Everything is so neat and subtle. I love the coziness and the waiters. They really know how to serve with love.


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