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Zara Home is located at 53 Rue Passy. Metro: Passy
All signs point to the spring season at Zara Home.

I am all for saying goodbye to the winter sales in order to make room for the new spring collections.

The brand that is known for well‐priced fashionable clothing is also known in Europe for its affordable stylish bedding, bath, and tabletop collections.

The new spring line has something for everyone with eclectic accessories, exotic designs, and classic prints in warm hues.

Choose from a wide range of spring trends from bold prints (paisley, damask, florals) and jewel‐tones (blue, purple, gold, silver) to bright whites and moody browns.

Prep for spring at Zara Home
The store also carries a well-priced basic bedding collection in a wide range of colors (from $15). Parents can also find cheerful bedding and bath items for children.

The displays in the Rue Passy store will inspire you to update your bedding or add a little sparkle to your living space with Zara Home's frames, vases, and candles.

Every season, I always like to pick‐up a few accessories or a new set of sheets to give my 22 square meter apartment a little pep.

For more, check out my scouting shots from the shop.

2/7/2011 06:08:10 am

Kind of reminds me of Calypso Home a little...On another note: Do shops freak out when you are taking photos??

2/7/2011 06:25:50 am

It definitely has a Calypso style without the high prices! I never know how a store will react when I want to take pictures. I tell them it's for my blog and many stores are open to it.


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