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Zen Ethic, 52 rue des Francs Bourgeois. Metro: Rambeteau
The winter season has arrived in Paris. My answer to winter's gloom? A dose of colorful prints from Zen Ethic.

This small shop in the Marais carries a cheerful variety of Indian-inspired printed home textiles, clothing, and accessories. 

It's all about vivid floral, paisley, and geometric prints. The pieces are also simple ways to add a little summer to a living space.

Zen Ethic's organic and fair trade collection features embroidered pillows ($40-$120), quilts (starting at $200), curtains, and fabric ($40 apiece). 

Pretty cotton hand-embroidered pillows.
Try to mix different prints together for a personal touch. The busy designs look great together. 

And if you're lucky enough to be heading to a warm destination for the holidays, the shop also offers light cotton tunics ($120), dresses ($150), scarves ($50), and bags ($60).

The store also has pretty felt necklaces and pins, as well as some unique silver jewelry pieces. 

Handmade felt pins and necklaces.
need to know...
  • Zen Ethic is located at 52 rue des Francs Bourgeois.
  • Metro: Rambeteau 
  • The shop carries pretty cotton printed textiles, clothing, accessories, and decorative objects. 
  • If you prefer to keep things simple when it comes to fashion or home decor, this store isn't for you. But, a small touch of color never hurt anyone. 
  • The store is open everyday. 
  • Check out the map to see where it's located in the Marais.

11/17/2010 00:30:52

I bought some new bedding and am now obsessed with buying some new throw pillows. I just can't make a decision. Zen Ethnic looks like it would have some good options!

11/19/2010 09:31:36

WOW I want to go to this store!! Might need someone to hold my wallet for me, though!

8/11/2013 18:12:26

Paris is famous for cultural art forms and ethnic wears. A variety of dress materials is available in Paris suitable for any occasion. I had been there last summer and I really enjoyed the place. Thanks for sharing this with us and keep posting more updates in your blog.


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