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Artisanal macarons at Pierre Herme
Pastry shops in Paris put New York bakeries to shame. Plan a visit to Pierre Hermé and you will understand why.

A good friend introduced me to the artisanal pastry shop and I will be forever grateful. The pastries are beautiful works of art and absolutely delicious.

You can tell when you walk into the shop that presentation is everything. The store's modern and minimal space is the perfect setting for Hermé's delectable chocolates, cakes, petit fours, jams, biscuits, and macarons. 

The shop's signature pastry is the macaron--a traditional French confection that is absolutely the best stuff on earth. What can be better than two meringue cookies nestled together with heavenly buttercream, jam, or ganache filling? 

Choose from a huge selection of rich flavors like rose, citron, pistachio, caramel vanilla, and chocolate. A box of 12 costs $35. The macarons are  wrapped up in one of Pierre Hermé's pretty boxes. 

Perfection in a box: Pierre Hermé's macarons.

Visit these maps to find both Pierre Herme's locations. 

I can't take credit for these images. They can all be found on Pierre Herme's website. Bon Apetit!
10/26/2010 12:51:44 am

Love this site!!! always knew our newest 'Parisienne" was a good shopper - this is proof positive! it is going right on my blogs to read list

11/7/2010 07:16:49 am

Thanks Robin. This is great to hear. I hope that you enjoy it every week.

7/24/2013 09:15:48 pm

i have had the choclate flavor of herme pierre. this time i got to see a lot many colors and flavors here. it seems to be really cool one. thank you for the share . i would like to order them out and i am sure it is going to make my day a very special one.

8/15/2013 08:53:57 pm

Oh my God! I can’t believe my eyes. Even the biscuits in Paris are quite fashionable. Artisanal macarons at Pierre Herme looks absolutely stunning. Please upload more pictures of such wonderful products. I love Paris and its people.


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