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I just love Kate Spade's new website. It's so fresh, colorful, and playful--the three things I adore most about Kate Spade. I came across this video from Kate Spade that captures the whimsical spirit of the brand. Please note the French macarons in the video--a small touch of French pastry makes every day a little brighter. Kate Spade does not have a store location in Paris, but Colette on rue Saint-Honore carries a few pieces from time to time. Either way, the shop is worth a visit. I would love to see Kate Spade open a store in Paris, since they have two store locations in London. Avec l'amour de Paris.
4/14/2011 14:59:58

Hello there, I happened to stumble upon your blog while on a google search! (:

I'm from Asia and I am visiting Paris this June. I am a huge fan of Kate Spade but I have no idea if there is a Kate Spade outlet in Paris, or if the price matches that of the US/UK, could please give me some advice on that? (:

Thank you!!

Tara Anthun
9/18/2011 20:55:40

Hi there, love your site. will write to you at more length later but right now I wondered if you knew whether kate spade was stocked at Le Bon Marche? their website is the suckiest site i've ever come across. totally yesterday. so pretentious it doesn't actually show anything. very pissed off as i still have like loads of money left there on my wedding list but live in norway and would like to take a proper peep at what's in the store without having to go to Paris with my two small kids....Cheers xx

9/19/2011 03:50:33

Hi Tara, Thank you for visiting and I love that you enjoy my site. I haven't seen Kate Spade at Le Bon Marche. I recently walked through there too. Unfortunately, the brand isn't found in Paris as much as in London. In London, Kate Spade has 2 boutiques. Good luck with your search. I love Kate Spade too. Visit again soon. Sharon

8/2/2013 05:58:04

wonderful blog. I like this!!!


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