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Paris will always feel like home. I may not live there anymore, but I do feel lucky that I am close enough to visit. I am now living in Geneva, Switzerland for work and this new home has definitely been a whole different experience.

I will start posting more on Scout Paris because I have a trip planned to my favorite city soon. I promise to scout Paris as much as I can and report on some new finds. For the time being, I am going to start posting here on things that might be about Paris or other places that I want to share with you. The best part about leaving your comfort zone is all the people you get to meet along the way.
Robin Mayer
10/8/2012 01:40:11 am

yay! I can't wait! i live vicariously through your travels!!!

4/17/2013 09:03:07 pm

Paris is the destinations of fashion and dreams. It is very expensive to live in Paris, but if you can afford it, then it is the perfect destination. The Eiffel Tower is said to be the land mark of Paris, which is built long years back.

4/17/2013 10:20:24 pm

Thanks for sharing this information on the internet. Paris is one of my favorite tourist destinations and I am planning for a tour soon. I have read a lot about the place and the culture there and I am excited to be there every time I read those. Keep posting more updates.

Stephen Smith
6/2/2013 10:13:08 am

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