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When I entered the Grand Palais, the kaleidoscope of colors immediately overwhelmed me. But, this was a good thing. I love color and how it can illuminate a space. The Monumenta Project at the Grand Palais by artist Daniel Buren gave visitors an opportunity to wander through the circles of tinted glass. It also offered a unique perspective of the beautiful Art Nouveau space. I love architecture and what I liked about the installation was the fact that it gave the Grand Palais an opportunity to shine. I have been there for other events and it is never about the space itself. So, it was a pleasure to walk through and explore how a space feels when color is infused with natural light. Daniel Buren's exhibit is just 5 Euros to enter; Avenue Winston-Churchill.

A view of the colorful ceiling
A view from the grand staircase
Standing on the circular mirrors made you feel as if you could fall into the glass.
12/5/2012 21:42:01

My wife and I visited this too, during the Nuit Blanche back in October I think. I took the same photo as you into the mirror on the floor, as did everyone else. It was a cool idea and obviously a lovely building to be in!

6/5/2013 01:30:54

Wow it really looks good. im so surprised with the master hands behind this. the kalediscope really overwhelms the people when they enter. Great creative art. Regards


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