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Laduree at Versailles
I love period films. So, I was in heaven when I arrived at Versailles on an early Saturday morning. It was my chance to spend the day exploring the grand chateau and serene surroundings.

I was first introduced to the beauty of Versailles in the classic 2006 Sofia Coppola film Marie Antoinette. The movie was beautifully shot at Versailles and I couldn't wait to see firsthand the magical Hall of Mirrors, the King and Queen's apartments, and the pretty gardens.

The Cityrama tour guided us through Versailles, the Trianon palaces, Marie Antoinette's village, and expansive grounds. Even during a dreary winter's day, Versailles is absolutely breathtaking.

We took a break for lunch at a restaurant on the grounds. We were served a few glasses of red wine, along with a three-course meal, which included salad, a generous entree, and a decadent chocolate tart.

If you visit the chateau, stop by the Laduree shop where pastel confections and small gift items are in abundance--perfect souvenirs to take away after an idyllic day away from Paris.

Even if you only have a short time in Paris, a day trip to Versailles is worth it. And, if you don't like tours, Versailles is easy to access via the RER train. You can also purchase your Versailles admission tickets online.

A Tour of Versailles...