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Tombees du Camion at Marche Vernaison
My trip to the Vernaison market introduced me to Tombees du Camion--a store specializing in pristine vintage hardware and other unique objects. 

I am a huge fan of old hardware because it's vintage that has a modern aesthetic. The store is hardware overload with boxes and shelves filled with multiples of enamelware light fixtures, porcelain switches, metal letterpress, wood spools, and more.

The shop showcases the inventory beautifully and it's so much fun to find  things I have never seen before. The inventory comes from leftover stock from old hardware factories, so none of it has ever been used.

Tombees du Camion is located at Marche Vernaison, Allee 5, Stand 92. Metro: Porte de Clignancourt. Open Saturday through Monday from 10 AM to 6 PM. There are also two additional locations.

The market itself is worth exploring, so try to get there early. Vernaison is filled with tiny antiques shops that specialize in a variety of antiques. So, there is something for everyone.