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Secco is located at 20, Rue Jean-Nicot. Metro: La Tour Maubourg
A boulangerie can be found on almost every block in Paris. One in particular sets the bar very high-- Stéphane Secco in the 7th Arrondissement. 

Secco—sometimes referred to as the pink bakery for its brightly painted storefront—offers freshly baked breads, desserts, pizza, quiches, salads, and sandwiches. 

This classic Parisian bakery has it all—a beautiful space, delicious offerings, and a friendly staff.  

Just a warning: You will find yourself coming back for more to try Secco's oversized macarons, a pain au lait, and a raspberry tart. 

If you stop by to pick-up lunch, try the poppy seed baguette with mozzarella, fresh basil, and tomato (about $6) or the Niçoise salad (About $9). All salads include Secco's divine bread of the day.

It's so refreshing to be living in a city where bread is considered an essential part of the diet. Bread is considered a bad thing to eat by many Americans. In Paris, it's common to see most people walking home with a baguette. I am happily now one of them. And, a loyal Secco customer.

Just a note: there is always a line during breakfast and lunch. But, it's definitely worth the wait. 

"Paris is always a good idea." -- From the movie Sabrina.

Freshly baked breads, desserts, sandwiches, and salads at Secco.
  • Secco is located at 20, Rue Jean-Nicot in the 7th Arrondissement. Closed on Monday.
  • Metro: Line 8; La Tour Maubourg or École Militaire.
  • Sandwiches and pastries start at about $6 and salads from $8. A croissant or brioche costs $4 each. 
  • Tips: Pick up a couple of sandwiches and pastries and have lunch along the Seine (only a few blocks away) or have a picnic at the Invalides. 
  • There is a line at lunchtime, but the wait is worth it. Trust me!