scout paris 
If you walk around the city long enough you will notice that Paris is not just filled with classical art and architecture. Intriguing street art is unexpectedly displayed on pristine buildings and cobblestone streets. Street art can be seen in just about every area of Paris.

Just look at these two painted skeletons that I literally stumbled upon while I was walking in front of Invalides in the 7eme. The artist brings an ugly grate to life with a bit of humor and edge. I wish I knew more about the artist who produced them. I noticed several people taking photos and chatting about the installation. We could have been at the Pompidou.

So, the next time you find yourself walking around the beautiful streets of Paris, look for the unexpected in alleys, high above on buildings, and down below on the concrete streets. You never know what you may find...
A summer find...Street art in an alley near Saint Michel.