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Le Petit Cler, 29 rue Cler. Metro: École Militaire
Paris has an endless variety of bistros. My favorite pick? Le Petit Cler--on rue Cler in the 7th Arrondissement.

Customers will feel right at home in this tiny bistro with its friendly staff, intimate tables, and delicious French cuisine. 

The menu serves classic French fare from duck confit, pork stew, and seared salmon to roasted free-range chicken, steak tartare, and seared pork sausage. 

Make sure you order from Petit Cler's wine and cocktail list. A nice pairing is a glass of the Petit Chablis with Petit Cler's moelleux cake--a flourless chocolate fondant cake served warm. It's pretty heavenly and worth every calorie.

Even in the cold winter season, customers can enjoy sitting in the front patio (complete with heat lamps) or dine inside to enjoy the cozy space with walnut walls and small bistro tables. 

Prices are mid-range with main courses starting at $16, a glass of wine is about $5, and $8 for dessert. This dining spot is quite popular, so try to plan ahead and make a reservation.

I know where every French bistro in Manhattan takes inspiration from--cafes like Le Petit Cler. Come here for lunch or dinner and you will understand why.

A glimpse inside Le Petit Cler.
the dish...
  • Le Petit Cler is located at 29 rue Cler in the 7th Arrondissement--on one of the prettiest cobblestone streets in Paris.
  • Metro: École Militaire. 
  • Prices start at 12 euros (about $16) for a main course.
  • The bistro gets very busy for dinner, so plan ahead and make a reservation.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served. Credit cards accepted.
  • During the winter season, Le Petit Cler has heat lamps (as do most cafes in Paris) in order to keep the front of the restaurant nice and toasty.
  • New Yorker's will compare this bistro to Pastis in Manhattan--just a bit smaller in scale.


It was a typical November Sunday afternoon in Paris: A walk in the rain, a leisurely lunch at Petit Cler, and shopping. I was excited to stumble upon an antiques market on rue Cler. It doesn't happen every Sunday, but this was a serious market. Dealers set-up nicely designed booths filled with quality inventory including colored glass, decorative china, antique hardware, and French textiles. 

Enjoy the scouting shots...

trends in the market: vintage flatware, china, and hardware.