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One thing I have learned living in Paris is that no matter how blue your day may be, there is always dessert. I love my macarons. Not only do they come in the prettiest colors, they are absolutely delicious. 
I just returned from a week at the beach in a tiny town called Larmor-Plage in Brittany, France. It made me nostalgic for my childhood summers spent in Montauk. It has it all if you want to relax--gorgeous beaches and the best creperies around. My friend Erik Swain took this photo above of his vacation in Larmor-Plage last August. It really does capture the simple, lazy days of summer. While most of my friends headed south, I went to Western France. This little slice of heaven is a place where you can breathe, soak in the warm weather, and enjoy the peaceful space. I am so sad that we had to say goodbye, but until next year. A Bientot!

even on a cloudy day, Brittany is beautiful...

Paris Plages ends on August 21
I met my friend along the Seine at Hotel de Ville to experience the Paris Plages. I was impressed by how peaceful and fun it was. Visitors can take advantage of the free volleyball, mist machines, Baci courts, pools, and a few well-priced cafes serving typical summertime cuisine such as salads, crepes and cider. All of the lounge chairs are free to use, but the catch is that you must arrive early to get one! There are three spots for Paris Plages: La voie Georges Pompidou, Le bassin de la Villette, and Le Parvis de l'Hôtel de Ville. If you are around this weekend, I would suggest spending a few hours at the beach. We are finally getting summer weather in Paris and it's the last weekend of the Paris Plages. So, it would be quite a shame to miss out on this free event.
My sleepy neighborhood in the 15eme is a nice haven from the busy streets of Paris. I like to take a walk at the end of the day along the Seine at Port de Javel Haut (Metro: Line 10, Javel). It offers a nice view of the mini Statue of Liberty (it makes me a little homesick for my hometown NYC), a dock filled with impressive yachts (a girl can dream, can't she?), and another perspective of the Tour Eiffel (it never gets old).

There is also the beachy restaurant La Plage. The restaurant looks like it should be located in the super chic Hamptons or France's version Deauville. But, this is the point. Not everyone can make it to a real beach town and we all deserve a little beach-like experience in the summertime. So, to all of you who decided to stay in Paris this month, spend a breezy evening at Port de Javel sans sand. If you want a little sand, then visit Paris Plages. You see, Paris has it all!

more plage

La Plage is open for lunch or dinner and serves French fare. Sit outside on the terrace or inside--either way it's an experience. Entree's (appetizers) range from 12 to 18 Euros, while plats (entrees) range from 21 to 29 Euros. Make a reservation for lunch and order their fixed Midi menu--28 Euros for an entree, plat and dessert or 23 Euros for an entree/plat or plat/dessert. Or, just come a little earlier before the dinner crowd arrives, order a drink and enjoy the view. Metro: Line 10, Javel or RER C to Javel. Tip: You need to walk past the RER and the path is directly behind it. Call ahead for a reservation: 01 40 59 41 00.
This is why I love Paris in August. It's always inspiring. It's beautiful. It's romantic. It's never boring. It's empty and quiet. And, it's also quite acceptable to have a lazy Sunday with friends. The city is on holiday and it's time to sit still and enjoy the view.